What should I send for snack?

  • Please send in one food item and one drink for snack. We have a working snack throughout the day, so the less messy the snack, the better! Jefferson is a nut-controlled building.

What should I do with the Take-Home Folders?

  • Take-home folders will be going to and from school each day. Please be sure to check your child's take-home folder each day for any important notes or reminders.

Can my child be released by teacher in third grade?

  • In third grade, students can be released either by teacher or to a contact at dismissal. If you would like to have your child released by teacher, please update your child's Genesis profile to reflect that information or contact Mrs. Vartan.

How do we celebrate birthdays in 3R?

  • For birthdays, I invite family members to record a video to the class reading a book on Flipgrid. The week before your child's birthday, I will send an email with more information on how to record the Flipgrid video!